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Hello everybody!
Lately I received a call from my childhood, I started ( re-started?) to play gamebooks. Yea sayin' that i reveal how old I am and by how long time I am a nerd :D do you know gamebooks, right? Well if you don't, here it is the wikipedia page:
and the page from

Well you know what? I would like to write down one, as a long term project and then I thought, why not involve my friends here on dA? I know that a lot of you are geeks and gamers, so if you would like to join this project, you only have to send me a message, every contribution is fine, even just suggest somebody that could be interested to help :D
Wouldn't be nice to have a group project like this one!?
So come on, don't be shy!
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I got Tagged! Here we go!


1.) You must post the rules
2.) You must answer the questions the tagger has set for you, and make 10 new questions for your tagged people
3.) You choose 10 people to tag AND post their icons in your journal so all the world will know who they are
4.) <New> Add your name to the list at the bottom. All you need to do it copy/paste it
5.) You have to go to their pages and tell those that you tagged that you tagged them
6.) No tag backs
7.) No "if your reading this your tagged" stuff

1. Winter or summer?
Winter is coming...

2. If you are going to die tomorrow, what would you do today?
Geee, I would sleep the whole day long! I mean, sleep could not make things worst

3. Which lands did you visit?
France and Germany

4. Fish or meat?

5. Do you sing when you drive a car?
I surely do! But much more I prefer to listen to somebody else for example

6. What's your favourite book?
Alice in Wonderland

7. Did you ever do something crazy? What?
ohh you cannot see that, but I'm typing being naked on the top of a pole

8. Where's the place you want to grow old?
Somebody's house, possibly people that does not make questions like " Who the hell is that grumpy old guy sitting on the toilet!?"

9. Cat or dog?
Dog, I want to be the only slefish lonely creature in my house

10. what's the first thing you do after waking in the morning?
I squeeze some cows, kill some cookies and have my breakfast

New Questions:
1. What is an artistic hook-up line?
2. What are you listening while you read this?
3. What character from a Tv serie you would like to be?
4. Who's your hero?
5. Where is my copy of "Batman: the origins" I can't find?
6. Last movie you watched?
7. When you realized you were a child no more?
8. What MUST go on a pizza?
9. Coffe or tea?
10. what are you going to do Saturday evening?      

I tag:
:iconisbrand: :icondungeondisasters: :iconmitternachtselbin: :iconownedbydollz: :iconbattlefairies:

Make sure you sign your name

I tracked this tag all the way to July 7th 2012 to a deactivated account. This tag has gone through 70 DA accounts, at least, before me. Lets keep it going, add your name to the beginning of the list.

Moonfreya, KageAyumuSakushi11, GameCheat, RamenWolf1485, Kdogfour, TricoloreOne77, roweniichan, ripperlady, n3kos-owo, xzael, loveanimenmangalots, rias-chan, evilinsideofmegirl, coughnarutardcough, pikarinnysuki, shanti8888, Keksix3, kimimaro888, xvillareynax, bronzedragon800, vdangers, starfireblue, IvoryMoonn, 666kurai, frenzydaydreamer11, MelyTail, linklink43, vanillasuu, fizzycoke, indigodreams100, 1meh8, tygermane, artisticallyliterate, zirahz, mscatnipz, zaya06, unknown-knowledge, boro235, liano4ka, scgm, frances095, yumiofdoom, vanellopepower, kittycutelover, owostrawberry, bkl-pokemon-trainer, hobobroccoli, dilka-tigz, musicloveseveryone, faehime, ladynefertari, PokemonPrincess1993, MrCrazy4621, ShinyPichuBros2012, changeformatt, omgkeswickoverload, ask-tith, petpettails123, luigigal24, Kirby456, samthehedgehog7890, trggirl, CaprihinaGirl, Nintendonerd1348, mjlover15, lostloveartist87, afataltouch, iluvdgaarab4udid, baby-delcatty2810, artisticallyderpy, daawsomeone, o-belarus-o, meowchan321, unknowngirll, rollwurst, Lazytroll
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As I told last time I have a lot of friends that are awesome artists, like for example :iconisbrand: or :iconeeren:
All those people makes my life a bit more interesting, because without them I will have a totally wrong and incomplete perspective of what is art and what is not.
Now I would like to suggest you a new friend of mine that is an incredibly talented photographer and that simply freked me out with those awesome works!


Alexandria is not only one of the kindest people on earth (she also laugh to my jokes) she is also an amazing artist, please take a look to her gallery to be amazed.
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I have a lot of friends, some are just like me, and I don't want to talk about them now. Some are real artist, one of those is Mirko, that I know by a very long time. Now I discovered that there is a short on youtube about him, this one:…

^^ it's in italian.
Anyway he is a very good fotographer! PLease spend 3:00 minutes watching it, and maybe visiting his page on flickr…
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I'm in Guild Wars 2 mode, that means for a while I could say things totally wothout a meaning (if you're not a a GW2 player) or with reference to that game/gameworld.
Please be patient with me, soon or later this fever will pass and I'll turn back to the same old idiot ^^
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  • Playing: GW2
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And I don't give a damn if you don't like me, 'cause I don't like you cause you're not like me.

I know that's not the journal that everybody read so I can also start like that.
Well well well, I'm leaving home, so, before to go I would like to thanks all of you that had followed me until now, all of you are great people and outstanding artists all of you have something in common with me, something I very envy to you and something I love in you.

So thank you all for your kindness and patience answering all my stupid questions and crazy comments! Thank you to be my friends!

:iconisbrand: Tack vare Vena!
:iconartani5: Sorry dude I don't know your language, but thank you!
:iconobsessedkitten: Tack vare Lili!
:icontorako-chan: Dìky kamaràd
:icondarkpati: Vielen dank mein Freundin
:iconprospass: Merci bien mes ami
:iconvirune: Thank you pal!
:iconlajvio: a free hug to you!
:icondrawnentity: kosz baràt!

And if you are not in this list, thank you!!!!
See you when I'll have back a line
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Tagged by :iconisbrand:

1. Must follow/repost the rules.
2. Each person must write 10 things about him/herself.
3. Answer the question from the person who tagged you.
4. Must tag 10 people and post their icons. ( (fuck that!) Thank you Issi!!!)  
5. Go to their page and let them know you've tagged them.
6. Can't tag the person who tagged you.

Things about me:
1. I'm a compulsive gamer, if I'm not playing any sort of CCG, table game or Role Play Game, Probably I'm thinking on how to develop a game to play.
2. People say that is hard to understand if I'm happy or sad.
3. I hardly look people in their eyes, not because I have something to hide, is just hard to do that.
4. Sometimes my mind disappear and fly somewhere, so I give the impression I'm not following who I'm talking with... I guess it's true.
5. My life have a soundtrack. I listen music always and everywhere. So when I speak I usually use music quotes to explain people what I feel or think, because I usually lack of right words.  
6. My body is a cage. I hate it.
7. People are strange, I hardly trust them. I'm not confidential if I don't feel totally secure.
8. When I met somebody new or I go to a new place I have to analyze that person or place to make a file in my mind, following my therapist I would be a good profiler.
9. I have a severe diet. I can't eat a lot of stuff :/
10. I can say by heart so many parts of the " Divine Comedy " that I give the impression to know that all.

random questions

1. If you had one wish, what would you wish for?
I would like to be able to help all people that had ever helped me during my life.
2. What music do you like?
I listen more or less everything. Being compulsive, I listen the same song maybe 100 times, to learn it in every part. Mostly I prefer harmony and percussions to the lyrics, I take care of them only after the first 20-30 times... oh to answer Metal, and classic, but I also listen a lot of swing!
3. What is your eye color?
I dunno, how can I look my eyes with my eyes?
4. Witch Oc's do u like the most ( you or someone else)?
I like a lot of characters, the original character I like most? huhhmmmm Isbrand's Cykes is nice, but also Mayka 0.5 by Obsessedkitten is cool.
5. What language do you know?
I know italian, and English, French, Spanish, I'm learning German I spit a little of Chinese and Japanese. I studied Latin (but I forgot almost everything) and I would like to learn as much languages I can.
6. What do you think about DA Premium Membership?
No opinions about
7. Do you hate me?
I don't even know you! How could I ?
8. Your favorite color?
Blue especially when it's mixed to grey.
9. Your favorite pairing ( anime/ books/movie)?
Uhhm... Batman and Robin the dynamic duo?
10. You are superstitious?
Sure I am.

Isbrand's questions and my answers:

1. Have you ever visited Sweden? ( If you are from Sweden, do you like Pitepalt? )
No never, I would like to.
2. You're walking down a very crowded street in the middle of town and your ass starts to itch, what do you do?
First of all, why I should walk down a very crowded street? I could stay at home, in a safe place. Anyway I would scratch my shiny ass.
3. If you met me in real life what would your reaction be and what would you do?
I would probably shake you hand. Then I probably start to think about hundred things I would like to say with the result of a long, horrible silence.  
4. What do  think you're doing in 10 years?
I will follow my schedule. I will paint miniatures, work on my games, read my books listening to the music.
5. What is art to you?
Art is a language that everybody could understand but not everybody could speak. Who can is a magician because can turn ideas to real things that is the most close thing to be a god I can imagine. Art is what is still not corrupted.  
6. Why are you on dA?
Because I love to watch and collect interesting images.
7. If a person really really hurt you and then later realised what an ass he/she has been and asked for your forgiveness, would you forgive them?
I do, I did, I will do.
8. Share a hillarious memory/event/fact about yourself with us :D ( this is not a question but look at all teh fucks I give!! )
I still can't remember my telephone number (the same by 12 years) so I saved it on my mobile as "Never call this number"   
9. What do you prefer, a wild party with lots of people or a cozy get together at home with your friends/lover?
Less people more fun, crowd places are not my bread.
10. Is being gay okay?
okay I guess.

My Questions:
1. What is your favorite moment of the day?
2. When it's raining do you run faster or simply take a walk?  
3. What is the best song to make love?
4. What a nose smells like?
5. When you create art do you follow a plan or do you ride the tide?
6. Do you eat things you don't know?
7. Tell a place where you don't want to be and where you would never been.
8. What do you think about who made those questions?
9. "eat, pray, love" is abused, what is your life's slogan?
10. where is your cat/dog/puppy now?
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  • Reading: The boys
  • Watching: Friends
  • Playing: Warhammer Fantasy Role Play game
  • Eating: Oranges
  • Drinking: water
And you'll have a power on that thing. We could say (and I think it's kinda of a word-joke) that the first power humanity had on the world around was that. Until we had not a name for the fire was nothing special, sure it still were keeping us warmth, but without communication was useless or totally selfish be able to start or keep a fire, we were needing somebody to share it with, and show them that we had power.
Just think when the priest say "In the name of God" in that moment (believe in God or not isn't important) he is using a power, not the godly one, he is using the power of a name, he is working through that name, a name that could be understood by who is listening, so a supreme power more than the miracle (that usually doesn't come, if you're not in a B movie). Think on Shakespeare, "a rose by any other name would smell as sweet." probably. What I say is just that describing a thing that is called "pus" and demand that who is listening to us could believe that this stuff smells sweet is near to impossible.
How impressive is when somebody, a stranger for example, call something we know with it's right name. Suddenly that person is not so stranger, he/she became somebody that we feel more close, and more the thing he/she called with the right name is an specialized object, more we will feel close to him. It could be because we discover that this person is not a complete ass, sure. But most is because he/she used the power of a name, like a code that we thought just few people knew, and hearing that code, like in a secret society, we feel friends to have our same basics... Am I stupid?
Let's make and experiment, please, if you're reading help me. I will write a word:


No cheat please. Now share this stuff, and when somebody recognize that word, please send me a message.
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A teacher in New York was teaching her class about bullying and gave them the following exercise to perform. She had the children take out a piece of paper and told them to crumple it up, stomp on it and really mess it up, not to rip it. Then she had them unfold the paper, smooth it out and look at how scarred and dirty it was. She then told them to tell it they're sorry. Now, even though they said they were sorry and tried to fix the paper, she pointed out all the scars they left behind. And that those scars will never go away no matter how hard they tried to fix it. That is what happens when a child bullies another child, they may say they're sorry, but the scars are there forever. The looks on the faces of the children in the classroom told her the message hit home. Copy and paste this if you are against bullying.

I would like to put some personal thoughts after this, but well... I think that is enough to read carefully and think deeply.
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Things changes, I feel weird sometimes.
Sometimes, even if I do my best to make things works in the right way, simply seem that what I care about slips between my fingers like sand; no way to move my hands in a ludicrous dance to catch that sand. It simply carry on falling and I can't do anything to save it.
Seem that I can't understand people, seem people can't understand me. So, I wonder, why make efforts if what I do is made in the wrong way? I'm weird, I'm wrong. Why make efforts if for the rest of the world around me those are not efforts? Going deeper, is it an effort if just me realize that? Or an action became effort when others call it with that name?
I'm weird and confused.
If I start to imagine that others have a different mind, my world collapse. Not that everybody should think in my same way, but simply I can't reach the level of other's thinking minds, I can't. Other's people thoughts are hidden behind a wall, close in a chest, there, away from my hands. I can not reach those thoughts and examine them, understand them.
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A thickly rain is falling down. Smoke of cigarette and smell of wet asphalt fill my nose, making my mind sail to secret harbors of the memory.
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Journal Entry: Thu Oct 27, 2011, 5:38 PM
I'm dreaming.
I dream... I dream about a door. It's a pretty common door, one of those you could easily find in buildings rose up during the seventies, maybe is just a little cheap.
I'm in a corridor, there is a sick, pale yellow on the walls that doesn't help to repel the oppressive feeling that burden on my shoulders.
There is a light somewhere in a corner; a weak light not too far can create only shadows, shadows behind me, here...there...
And again the door, this common disappointing door that waits at the end of the corridor. It's made in a dark brown wood, with red reflections. Clean, almost shiny, or maybe are just my eyes. Nothing on the surface, no bell to ring or peephole to watch through (I'm in, or I'm out?).
The handle is made of brass, or something like, seem cold to touch; no sounds around me except for the buzzing light (or it's in my head?) .
Is this door made to keep me in? In a corridor? It have no meaning. It's a door made to keep me out, so out of what? If I should not walk the door, there is something or somebody after the door. But I can't stop, I walk to the door, going far from the light, I touch the pale yellow of the walls (Why I do that? I can't touch a color).
Holding my  breath I get close to the wood... my face is on the surface, pressed on the varnish, my ears are trying to steal a sign that could gives mean to this all. And then I realize,The door is not a point to reach, is a passage. It's obvious.
The door is the death.
So... why somebody is knocking on the other side?

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Well not to L.V. But I'll take a short trip, I'll go to a comics and games fair on a caravan with other 7 weird nerds...
See you all next week people ^^
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... Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday

So, an year more. I'm getting old! Aggghhhhh!
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Have you ever listened to "Lullaby" by the Cure? Well it's a song that had always...uhmmmm... touched me deeply.

«quietly he laughs and shaking his head
creeps closer now
closer to the foot of the bed
and softer than shadow and quicker than flies
his arms are all around me and his tongue in my eyes.
"Be still, be calm be quiet now my precious boy,
don't struggle like that or i will only love you more."
for it's much too late to get away or turn on the light
the spiderman is having you for dinner tonight »

I mean... isn't it very creepy? In childhood I was fascinated by this creature that was so quiet and perverse, to really remind a spider hunting. it's something I can't stop to refer nowdays when I search for something creepy. I look at images and I mentally start "Lullaby", when I find a character that could work well with this song, I know I've found a good bogey-man.
At the moment just some characters have passed this "exam" and I'm talking about what my best dA friend :iconisbrand: paint. Somehow her characters could fit in this song because of colors, or shapes, or just because of their eyes... brrrr.

Lately I've found a lot of great artists here on dA, but in tosay's journal I want to write about those that have a special place in my friend's list, so after Isbrand, I would like to write about another incredibly talented artist, that have my admiration, :iconobsessedkitten: that is simply awesome!
Connecting a song to her art I would probably say Pink Floyd's "Welcome to the machine" because of her art is something like melancholic and cold as an winter breeze or the  clear steel of a blade. Those are characteristics of her style that had impressed me so much the first time I saw her gallery and still surprise me to every new artwork.  
Those are the first two people I asked to for a commission job, and are the first two artists I'd like to suggest to you all.
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- to improve my artistic skiils
- to be a good shop owner
- to finish my game one day (better soon then on day xD)
- to rest for more than 6 hours
- to read all the comics that stuck my shelves
- to go to Germany as soon as possible
- to eat cheesecake!
- to learn a couple of language more
- to be a better person
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With Autumn I get less busy, life in shop become more easy and relaxed so I can be focused more on my hobbies (would you believe? A comic-book guy that have no time for his hobbies!!).
So now I have more time to mess up with my miniatures, that means do very sick stuff as you will see pretty soon. At the moment I'm pretty stuck with steam/gothic punk ideas, so I'm more or less making conversions in that way... who knows what will be my next passion?
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  • Watching: Royal pain
  • Playing: Bang!
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  • Drinking: milk
Have you ever played? I mean, have you ever played a pen and paper RPG? Not talking about a video game full of weird colors, chats and bans. I'm talking about ye 'ol stuff. Not? Uhhhhm, how to explain what's that....
ok, try to imagine you sit on a table, it's an old wooded table, around you the smell of puke and beer, the light is just enough to make you see those strangers talking each other with strange grins on their faces, you can hear a lot of people talking, laughing and singing in so many different languages. Well, now your pal, the one from medium school (you know who! Chubby, very thick glasses and pimples ) come to your table farting, he is dressed like Conan the barbarian...
Can you imagine that?  Well that's what could happen playing
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  • Reading: Divine commedy (just because I forgot some...)
  • Watching: lots of drawings
  • Playing: Magic... too much!
  • Eating: fruits
  • Drinking: water
I started something like 19 years ago... Advanced Dungeons and Dragons...a table, a sheet, a dice thousand worlds to explore.
I never thought that RPGs could became my life. 19 years ago I was just a loser fantasy addicted, nowdays people like me are called (self-proclaimed?) Nerds, and we are half pariah and half strange animals (thank you Big bang theory) that people find funny and creepy at the same time.
You know what? Who cares! I just want to roll the dice.
  • Listening to: Il secondo secondo me - Caparezza
  • Reading: White Dwarf (last time I slept in the middle)
  • Watching: a lovely girl
  • Playing: not RPGs (damn!!!)
  • Eating: cookies Ice cream
  • Drinking: water
it's a weird period.
it's indeed a weird period this.
What can I say more than that? After another 14 hours day at work I'm living a "disturbed cognition experience" . People suddenly disappear from my eyesight and I don't realize that, or I find myself looking at my nails without a reason. What's funny in that? Uhhm, I actually don't know, but well, in my life everything is funny, be sad had not so much mean to me, I guess I made the full-tank time ago.
Now I'm a train, a lightening bolt a bullet, try to look at me, I'm already gone. DO you know that kind of guy that at school was able to skip any test just because had a good tongue? I'm that guy full of cocaine... unstoppable
  • Listening to: I E A I A I O - System of a down
  • Reading: White Dwarf
  • Watching: nails (still doin that)
  • Playing: too much!
  • Eating: Pizza!
  • Drinking: I dunno actually